Where We Begin

Our Founder

Hasil Karya, founded by Tee Ah Ling and partner in 1983, our Company has long been recognized as a reliable local distributor of high performance industrial machinery and tools.

Rapid Growth

Our Achievement

Our head office is located in Balakong, Selangor with an operation of over 40 employees. Today, we import over 10 global industrial machinery brands from more than 8 countries. We are able to offer over 100 types of machines catering various industrial needs, ranging from aerospace and Steel fabrication

Hasil Karya Staffs
Rapid Growth

Our Achievement

In 2015, we achieved an increase of 18% turnover in comparison with 2014, as a result of new product lines imported from Korea and Germany.

The diversity of our imported product range, in design and quality, has earned us the trust of customers and businesses looking to drive operational efficiency and maximize business profits.

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Leading Player

Our Mission

Hasil Karya now seeks to be a leading player in Malaysia’s industrial machinery and tools industry. It is our vision that we can now build on the established success, take the Company to new and greater heights supported by a proven track record, true entrepreneurial spirit, and quality services while maintaining our core values.

Technician Service Team

Our Milestones


Tee Ah Ling & partner established Hasil Karya by renting a three storey shop lot in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Main business was trading of ironworker machines, imported from Taiwan.


Malaysia was hit by commodity crisis, new business ideas needed for Hasil Karya's survival. Discovered the demand from agricultural sector, imported machines for plantation owners to dry freshly harvested cocoa.


Cocoa future price collapsed in late 80s'. Leverages China's booming economy by importing machines from China. Moved into a 3,300 sqft office with warehouse.


Moved into a 22,000 sqft office with warehouse facilities at Taman Industri Selesa Jaya, Balakong. Begins importing Sunrise ironworker machines from Taiwan.


Obtained sole distributorship of Ermaksan machines from Turkey.


Begins importing plate rolling machine from Italy. Expands product portfolio from manual machines to Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machines.


Launched machinery spare parts online store www.machineguide.com to provide greater convenience to customers


Begins importing CNC drilling machines from Japan.


Sold our first Fiber Laser machine in Malaysia.


Begins importing folding machines from Germany. Sold over 1000 units of Sunrise Ironworker. Expand products portfolio for aluminium steel fabrication.


Improve after sales service team - upskilling technical workforce, invested in a fleet of field service vehicles and increase variety of spare parts inventory.

2016 to present

Moved into a 110,000 sqft building with exhibition area and modern warehouse facilities. Importing over 100 types of machines to meet different customer needs, ranging from aerospace to steel fabrication.