Vertical Machining Center

CNC Milling Machine

High rigidity, high accuracy construction design
Designed and engineered for small molds and precision machining

High Rigidity
Robust structure design, Y axis with four linear guide ways. 

High speed 
Ball screw with direct transmission as standard.

High Accuracy
Spindle with high precision angular contact ball bearings.

High Efficiency
Cam driven Arm type ATC , fast and reliable, non-cutting time is reduced.

Features :

  • Major Construction parts are based on cast iron. They are stable and precision-proved in structure.
  • Super rigidity for heavy duty cutting or for high speed cutting.
  • Four linear guide ways are adopted for the Y axis.  It ensure heavy duty loading capacity and movement accuracy. 
  • Wide base, box-shaped column, enhanced saddle and full supported workpiece structure all contribute to the ability for heavy duty machining.
  • Servo motor and high precision ball screw are directly coupled in 3 axes
  • In Z-axis, the slide way with Turcite-B is chosen for versatile cutting capabilities