Heavy Duty Bed Type Milling Machine Malaysia

Milling Machine

Features :

  • Casting made of high FC-30 high quality for extra rigidity.
  • Spindle of SCM-21 alloy steel & precision ground with class P4 bearings to ensure best accuracy on high speed running. *Spindle motor of DM with AC 5HP magnetic brake, it may stop – running at twinkling.
  • Milling head with balance weight for smooth elevating movement.
  • Bed & column as box type, long square sliding ways, & wider base for turning stability.
  • Square slide way have been ultra-frequency treated & precision ground, XYZ-axes with Turcite-B.
  • XYZ-axes with ball screw to smooth in precision cutting
  • XYZ-axes with brake motor rapid feeding, controlled by inverter, for automatic & various speed with high accuracy position.
  • All sliding way with automatic lubrication.