Universal Lathe

Lathe Machine

The headstock, gear-box, apron and bedways are made of high cast iron, and they are all cast with the resin sand foundry technology.

The base of the bed is cast into mono- block with a chip space. The structure ensures high rigidity of the whole machine and convenient chip disposal.

The bed-ways are induction hardened. It hardness is up to HRC 50-58.

The spindle supported by 3-pointed high precision bearings and all gears in headstock are precisely grinded, the spinde turning smoothly at high speed. The noise is lower than 78db at 2000rpm.

Foot brake, overload protection, chip guard, longitudinal automatic stop advice, point-to-point control in spindle, manual lubrication pump.

Characterized by rigidity and matching accuracy, small volume, light weight, convenient chip disposal and good appearance.